• Rita Harris

5 Items that Should be on Your Pet's Holiday List

By Rita Harris

Your pets are part of the family. They bring you joy and comfort you in your time of need. They always seem to know when we need a giggle or a cuddle. Your pets give you so much, that naturally when the holidays are here, you want to shower them with gifts, too!

Not all toys are created equal 

There are a lot of pet toys on the market, but as science begins to understand what our furry family needs, researchers develop toys that will not only entertain but will also provide the stimulation, both physical and mental that animals need to thrive. We've curated a list of some of the best pet items we think will have a beneficial impact on your pet, as well as entertain them for optimum physical and mental health. 

Trixie Made Scientist Dog Toy

Dogs are incredibly smart animals, but their intelligent and curious nature can cause them to become destructive when they become bored. The Trixie Mad Scientist Dog Toy was designed to address these issues in a way that would be beneficial to your dog (and your shoes!). This toy features a variety of beakers to put kibble in, and your dog works to get out, too.

Benefits of this toy:

  • Slows down feeding

  • Stimulates dog's mental curiosity

  • Keeps dog physically engaged

Trixie Activity Strategy Game Tunnel Feeder Cat Toy 

Cats are brilliant animals, with a keen sense to solve problems. The Trixie Activity Strategy Game Tunnel taps into their innate desire to figure things out, instead of knocking this off your counter, they are trying to figure out how to get a treat out of the toy.

Benefits of this toy: 

  • Stimulates your cat's appetite but slows down her eating so she is less likely to overeat and will digest her food better. 

  • Stimulates cats mentally

  • Keeps cat physically engaged

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

Your dog wants to play fetch, and keep playing fetch, and keep playing fetch but you have work to do. Why not gift your pup this fantastic toy that will give them the physical activity they need, but will also keep them busy. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs will provide exercise in a playful way your dog will love. Pets should be supervised during use. 

Benefits of this toy:

  • Comes in different sizes for small dogs or large

  • Makes a noise before a ball launches, to cue your dog in when a ball is ready to launch

  • You can place the balls in the launcher yourself, or teach your dog to it for themselves

  • Can adjust how far the ball launches

Cat Wine, Champagne or Tea

I know what you're thinking. "Cat wine, why does my cat need wine?" Well, let's first clarify that there isn't any alcohol in these drinks. Instead, Pet Winery crafts this wine with a blend of catnip and salmon oil.

Benefits of this toy:

  • While not exactly a toy there are benefits like omega oils from the salmon

  • The catnip aids in mood and playfulness. 

  • A delicious treat your cat will look forward to


Pet Winery, the makers of Cat Wine, also developed a drink for your dog, too. The BarkBrew comes in flavors like beef and chicken and contains bone broth. There are zero alcohol and no carbonation in this drink. 

Benefits of this toy:

  • BarkBrew is supplemented with natural glucosamine which helps the health of your dog's joints. 

  • Is a great way to give your dog a snack that is also good for them

You don't want Fido, or Fluffy feeling left out when the whole family is together for the holidays exchanging gifts. With these great toys on the market, you can get something that your pet will love, but will also be useful for them, too. 

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