Donate to Spay the Strays

Every year hundreds of homeless and abandoned cats enew home through our Spay the Strays and our network of volunteers and fosters- could you help us?


Spay the Strays has been in saving cats in Osceola county since 2006. Through the years countless lives have been saved due the hard work and dedication of our volunteer staff and generous friends like you.

Spay the Strays does not have a brick and motar rescue shelter. We rely on fosters that lovingly open up their home to cats and kittens that would other wise be abandoned or worse. Our ability to rescue these precious creatures depends on you. 

Please consider a donation to Spay the Strays to help us feed, vet, and, care for our beautiful fosters. You could truly be the difference between life or death.

From of all of us at the Spay the Strays team, we thank you!